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Elevated daily wear (coming soon)

Setcomforts was founded on the belief that the clothes we reach for most - hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts - deserve to be more than just functional. They should be exceptionally comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and kind to our planet. We realized these everyday basics, often sacrificed to fast fashion or over-branding, needed a new standard. Our mission is to transform everyday wear by providing high-quality, minimally branded, sustainable organic cotton loungewear that's both accessible and affordable. At Setcomforts, we're elevating your wardrobe essentials, reshaping the clothing industry one garment at a time. Stay tuned as we are eagerly preparing to launch our product line soon (winter 2023), promising comfort, style, and sustainability in every piece.

Quality at its core

At Setcomforts, quality isn't an afterthought - it's at the heart of everything we do. From sourcing the finest, sustainable cotton to meticulous design and construction, we're committed to delivering exceptional comfort and longevity in every piece.

Organic cotton thread close up

Made from GOTS® certified fair trade cotton

Our premium organic cotton hoodies and sweatpants are stitched from GOTS® certified organic cotton, the highest cotton standard in the textile industry.

Discover our upcoming collections

Take sneak peek into some of our upcoming collections including organic cotton hoodies, organic sweatpants and premium everyday Supima cotton t-shirts.

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Why organic cotton is the best choice for sensitive skin

Why organic cotton is the best choice for sensitive skin

Here at Setcomforts, we understand that comfort isn't just about a great fit or a stylish design. It also hinges on the material that's closest to your skin for the better part of your day. If you're one of the many (like myself) with se...

By Mike Davis

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