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How to wash Supima® cotton?

With our Supima® cotton care guide, you can help ensure the extended life and enduring comfort of your Supima® shirts. These instructions provide the pathway to preserving the sustainable luxury of our garments, so you can continue to enjoy their exceptional quality for years to come.

Supima cotton care instructions

Guide to washing Supima® cotton

The quick answer to washing Supima® cotton clothing: Group with like colors, turn garments inside out before washing, machine wash cold, and hang to dry.

By following these care instructions for your Supima® cotton clothing, you can ensure their longevity, keeping the comfort and sustainable luxury they offer in your life for a longer time. Proper care for your Setcomforts garments allows them to continue delivering unrivaled comfort and a sustainable, stylish choice for years to come.

Here's a detailed guide:

1: Wash with like colors

Always wash your Supima® cotton clothing with similar colors. This helps to maintain the vibrancy of your garments and prevents the risk of colors bleeding onto lighter items.

2: Turn inside out to wash

We recommend turning your Supima® cotton garments inside out before washing. This protects the color and fabric, keeping your clothing in top-notch condition for longer.

3: Machine wash on cold

Use the cold setting on your washing machine for your Supima® cotton clothing. Washing Supima® cotton in cold water not only preserves the color, but also prevents potential fabric shrinkage. It's a more environmentally conscious choice that aligns with our sustainability principles.

4: Hang dry

Rather than machine drying, hang your Supima® cotton clothing to dry. Air drying is the best way to maintain the shape and quality of your Supima® cotton garments. It also contributes to energy-saving practices. Find a well-ventilated, shade-covered area to hang dry your clothes for optimal results.

Setcomforts Supima® cotton t-shirts

Similar to our organic cotton hoodies and sweats, our Supima® cotton t-shirts are pre-shrunk to provide a consistent, comfortable fit. However, if machine dried, the Supima® cotton fibers may tighten, giving a false impression of shrinkage. This is a typical characteristic of Supima® cotton and not a fault in the material or its manufacturing. As you wear the garment, the Supima® cotton fibers will relax and return to their initial form, reinstating the fit you're familiar with. To avoid this temporary tightening, we highly suggest hang drying your Setcomforts garments post-wash.

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