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What is Pima cotton? The complete guide to Pima cotton

What is Pima cotton? The complete guide to Pima cotton

Are you looking for a fabric that guarantees comfort, durability, and a soft touch? Welcome to the world of Pima cotton! In this blog post, we'll delve into the unique properties of this exceptional cotton variety and explain why it is a superior choice for high-quality, casual clothing. Read on to discover all about Pima cotton and why Setcomforts prioritizes it for our comfy, enduring products.

What is Pima Cotton?

Pima cotton, named after the Pima Native Americans who first cultivated the crop in the southwestern United States, is renowned for its extra-long staple (ELS) fibers. These fibers, longer and silkier than those of standard cotton, contribute to a smoother fabric that's both incredibly soft and significantly more durable. Though it's grown in several countries, including the US and Peru, Pima cotton represents a small fraction of the world's cotton production due to its meticulous cultivation process.

Is Pima cotton sustainable? 

Pima cotton is typically grown under stringent guidelines that uphold sustainable farming, ensuring responsible water usage and limited chemical inputs. This commitment to environmentally-friendly cultivation makes Pima cotton an attractive choice for those who prioritize eco-conscious purchases.

Benefits of Pima Cotton

Pima cotton provides a host of advantages compared to regular cotton, thanks to its distinctive fibers and responsible farming methods. Choosing garments made with Pima cotton means not only investing in top-tier, comfortable clothing but also supporting eco-conscious practices. Here are the essential benefits of Pima cotton:

Exceptional Quality and Durability

The long fibers of Pima cotton contribute to a robust, smoother fabric less prone to common cotton fabric issues. They resist pilling, stretching, and color fading, ensuring your clothes retain their original aesthetics and shape over time. Garments made from Pima cotton outlast those made from regular cotton, providing better value for your investment.

Supreme comfort and softness

Pima cotton's lengthy fibers create a luxurious texture that feels wonderful against the skin. Additionally, its superior breathability helps regulate body temperature, enhancing your comfort throughout the day. The combined softness and breathability make Pima cotton an excellent choice for daily essentials, offering a comfort experience unlike any other.

Pima cotton vs. other types of cotton

Understanding the differences between various types of cotton can inform your shopping decisions. Pima cotton distinguishes itself as a premium choice, offering unique advantages over other cotton types. Here's a comparison of Pima cotton with regular and organic cotton:

Pima Cotton vs. Regular Cotton

Regular cotton is widely available and often cheaper but falls short in quality, durability, and softness compared to Pima cotton. Regular cotton fibers are shorter and coarser, leading to garments that are more likely to pill, fade, and tear. Opting for Pima cotton means enjoying long-lasting garments that feel great wear after wear. With its superior softness, breathability, and strength, the Pima cotton difference is clear.

Pima Cotton vs Organic Cotton

Like Pima cotton, organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals, making it a preferred choice among eco-conscious shoppers. However, organic cotton may not offer the same strength, softness, or longevity as Pima cotton due to varying fiber lengths and qualities. Both options represent eco-conscious choices, but Pima cotton delivers additional comfort and durability benefits through its extra-long staple fibers.

Identifying Genuine Pima Cotton Clothing

To ensure you're purchasing authentic Pima cotton clothing, verify that the product description explicitly mentions Pima cotton. As Pima cotton is not a trademarked name, unlike Supima cotton, there is no specific label to look for. However, a reputable brand will provide full transparency about their fabric sources and materials.

Setcomforts: Your Premier Choice for High-Quality Supima Cotton Clothing

At Setcomforts, our commitment to exceptional quality and lasting comfort is reflected in our choice of fabric. We're proud to say that we use Supima cotton for our t-shirts, a premium variant of Pima cotton renowned for its superior attributes. Coupling Supima's unique qualities with our casually elegant designs, we offer you a clothing experience that stands the test of time. Our commitment is to deliver comfort, style, and durability like no other. Explore our collection today and witness the Supima difference first-hand!

Supima Cotton: The Premium Side of Pima Cotton

Supima cotton is a high-quality type of Pima cotton grown exclusively in the United States. Named after the organization that oversees its production, the Supima Association, Supima cotton represents the top 1% of all cotton grown worldwide. The name "Supima" itself is a portmanteau of "Superior Pima."

What sets Supima cotton apart is its extra-long staple (ELS) fibers, even longer than traditional Pima cotton. This feature translates into a fabric that is even more luxurious, durable, and soft. It's also highly absorbent, making it an excellent choice for garments as it can better absorb dyes, resulting in vibrant, colorfast clothing.

To ensure the highest quality and authenticity, every Supima cotton product is tagged with a licensed Supima tag. This licensing process guarantees that you're getting genuine Supima cotton, recognized for its superior quality and integrity.

The Supima Wrap-Up

Investing in Supima cotton clothing from Setcomforts means choosing the crème de la crème of casual wear. With its impressive durability, supreme softness, and environmentally-friendly cultivation practices, it's no wonder that Supima cotton is the go-to choice for conscious brands like us. Experience the unrivaled quality of our Supima cotton clothing today. The difference is not just noticeable—it's palpable.


Question: How does Supima cotton differ from regular Pima cotton?

Answer: Supima cotton is a premium version of Pima cotton, characterized by its extra-long staple (ELS) fibers that are even longer than those of regular Pima cotton. These longer fibers result in a fabric that is more luxurious, durable, and softer than traditional Pima cotton. Additionally, Supima cotton is exclusively grown in the United States and licensed by the Supima Association, guaranteeing its superior quality and authenticity.

Question: Is Supima cotton worth the higher price?

Answer: Absolutely, Supima cotton's superior quality, longevity, softness, and color retention make it worth the investment. Supima cotton clothing lasts significantly longer and maintains its color better than garments made with regular cotton, offering better value over time. Its sustainable farming practices further enhance its worth.

Question: How should I wash my Supima cotton clothes?

Answer: Supima cotton clothes can be cared for much like other cotton garments. Always follow the specific care instructions on the garment label to maintain your clothes' quality, color, and shape. Typically, washing in cold water and air-drying or tumble drying on low heat helps preserve your Supima cotton garments.

Question: How can I ensure I'm buying genuine Supima cotton products?

Answer: Genuine Supima cotton products come with a licensed Supima tag. Be sure to purchase from reputable brands that provide this tag to guarantee that you're getting authentic Supima cotton products.

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